Nice Jewelry by Rob

Designing Quality Jewelry Since 1984


Available in Copper, Sterling Silver & 14kt Gold

Precious & Semi-Precious Stones 

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Unisex Wavelength Bracelet in Copper

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~Current Jewelry Design Projects In Production~

~|~ Bracelets ~|~

Copper Bracelets with & without stones.

~|~ Rings ~|~

Copper Rings with & without stones.

~|~ Earrings ~|~

Copper Earrings with & without stones.

What I Design


Custom Bracelets in Copper, Silver, and Gold. with or without Semi-Precious Gemstones.


Custom Rings in Copper, Silver, and Gold, with or without Semi-Precious Gemstones.


Custom Ear Rings in Copper, Silver, and Gold, with or without Semi-Precious Gemstones.


Designed for Palm Springs, CA Market

The Rose Ring

Harmony Ring



The Satellite Ring

Waterfall Spin Ring

Crystal Basket Ring

I also design pendants, necklaces, anklets & more…

Artisan Jewelry Made With Love

All things are made better with Love…


About Me

I am an Artisan Designer who sees Artwork in everything. There is nothing that is impossible, and everything that is good is possible.

“All Souls Matter”


Designer | Nice Jewelry by Rob 

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Custom Made Jewelry by Rob

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Rob’s Designs require a minimum of seven business days from payment.

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